Lympha-Gem (2 Pack) - Lymph Oil - 10ml - Lumvi Skincare
Lympha-Gem (2 Pack) - Lymph Oil - 10ml - Lumvi Skincare

Flow Glow: Lympha-Gem (2 Pack)

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Lumvi ( is an exo luxe, organic, plant based line of skincare made with intention. The plants harvested for our products are extracted with the highest vibration to deliver the best possible ingredients as a supplement to your skin and counter the aging process from the outside in. Most skincare treats symptoms, and not the underlying issues. Lumvi is concentrated with active ingredients and over time heals your skin.

Flow Glow: Lympha-Gem (2 Pack)

The Lumvi shining star! Patented lymph oil energizes lymphatic flow while stimulating circulation, reduces inflammation and promotes luminous healthy skin. 

Integral to your daily wellness ritual. 

Flow Glow 2-pack:  Portable for on-the-go and one always close by on your desk or nightstand. 

Keep one for you and give the gift of healthy intentions and glowing skin to a friend.   


Almond, jojoba, olive, sesame and castor oils infused with: red root, calendula, nettles, cleavers and red clover activated in red clover, calendula, green tea extracts, essential oil blend (frankincense, geranium, and helichrysum)


Apply behind ears, vertically down sides of neck, above the clavicle (collarbone) & to wrists multiple times throughout the day to stimulate lymph flow.

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