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Lumvi (loom.vi) is an eco luxe, organic, plant based line of skincare made with intention. The plants harvested for our products are extracted with the highest vibration to deliver the best possible ingredients as a supplement to your skin and counter the aging process from the outside in. Most skincare treats symptoms, and not the underlying issues. Lumvi is concentrated with active ingredients and over time heals your skin.

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Our skin is our largest organ and is not only a path of absorption, but also elimination, and given that we are constantly exposed to environmental toxins that are often out of our control, what we put on our skin is incredibly important so that we can avoid any unnecessary additional exposure to neurotoxins, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, which have a negative cumulative effect over time and can cause illness. Lumvi is plant focused skin care using organic and wild harvested medicinal botanicals that deliver results you can count on minus harsh chemicals that compromise your health.

Lumvi is formulated and manufactured by our medical herbalist with potent organic and wild harvested ingredients and delivers results you can count on minus harsh chemicals that compromise your health. Treating your skin with Lumvi is a sensory experience that can be likened to nutrition for your skin. Like yoga, or your favorite tea, Lumvi is an integral part of your daily ritual. We created Lumvi because we wanted to create a line of skincare that goes beyond just skincare, but is intentional and made with the highest vibration to properly supplement your skin. Lumvi is, enlightened skincare.
Dr. Christine Schaffner

Dr. Christine Schaffner

I have always loved all things spa. In my youth, I battled with breakouts and was always experimenting with the latest skin care regimens that promised clear skin. It was not until I learned about gluten elimination and the importance of pure, organic ingredients did I see the results I was always in search of.

Fast forward, I became a Naturopathic Physician and while my focus is on chronic illness, I am still passionate about skin care and spa medicine. I created Bella Fiore Organic Med Spa, a boutique spa, in Seattle, Washington. My vision has always been to offer therapies using intentional ingredients that provide real results. I often see women who embrace an organic and holistic lifestyle, but feel that they have to compromise on beauty products in order to get the results they want. I believe we do not need to make these sacrifices and that there is another way.

I have always felt called to create a skin care line so more women can experience the results we have seen with our spa clients. Lauren was a natural partner to create a skin care line with. She has been by my side with Bella Fiore since the beginning, and our areas of expertise are a perfect match as co-creators. Together, we have learned so much about skincare and are so proud of what we have created.

While awareness of skin care ingredients is on the rise, we believe in taking this to the next level. It’s not only about using products that are free from carcinogens and neurotoxins, but using clean, organic ingredients infused with intention. By working with the energetics of the plants and facilitating extracting the most potent constituents, the results are amplified.

Lumvi is enlightened skincare. Beyond organic. We use pure ingredients that are infused with intention. The plants are harvested, processed, and extracted in ways that amplify their potency. It’s not about anti aging, but your skin gets healthier and more radiant with use. As your skin glows, so do you.

Lauren Vogt

I have been passionate about skincare for as long as I can remember and have tried copious amounts of products. When I met Dr. Schaffner in 2007 I was working in tech and she was finishing her medical degree at Bastyr University. We had many connections, among one of them our love for skincare. She initially introduced me to organic skincare, and at first a skeptic (would it really work), I became a believer. Not only does it work, it works better. And I know that what I am putting on my skin is pure, clean and intentional, and not attributing to the many health concerns that we face in the world today.

As my friendship with Dr. Schaffner grew, we ventured into a business relationship when she started Bella Fiore Organics (to pay the bills whilst finishing school) and I helped her with marketing and customer service relations. We began the conversation around starting a line fairly early on, and many years and lessons later it has finally come to fruition. Our partnership is one cultivated through love, friendship and intention and we are truly proud to share this beautiful brand with you.

Lauren Vogt