10 Lymph Oil - 10ml
Balancing. Calming. Radiating.
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Your go to solution for stagnant energy in the body prohibits skin from looking luminous and bright. Beyond topical skincare, this patented lymph oil treats energy in the body that assists not only with skin health, but healthy bodies too.

Access the lymph through the skin (the interstition). Lympha-gem is an oil infusion of key herbs traditionally used for lymphatic drainage paired with essential oils that directly impact the lymph to stimulate lymph flow and return your skin to a healthy and vibrant state. Portable and designed to enlighten your senses while delivering results lymph-gem is the perfect pick me up to enable optimal circulation, reduce inflammation and promote glowing, hydrated skin.


Full List of Ingredients: Almond, jojoba, olive, sesame and castor oils infused with: red root clears dead cellular tissue from lymph fluid, calendula moves lymphatic fluid, nettles tighten and prevent stagnation, cleavers and red clover activated in red clover move drain and filter cellular waste, calendula, green tea extracts reduce inflammation, essential oil blend (frankincense, geranium, and helichrysum) decreases swelling and congestion, reduces fine lines


Apply behind ears and to wrists as needed to circulate lymph flow.

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