Zoom Hydrate


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Keeping skin hydrated is key to maintaining supple, glowing skin. Summer elements like sun and water can cause your skin to dry out and look dull and tired. 

Revitalizing your skin starts with clearing away the old, dry skin first, followed by revitalizing the fresh, beautiful skin beneath. So we’ve paired out clarifying detox scrub with our nourishing facial oil to create the perfect pair for summer skincare! 

First, apply Detox to take your cleansing routine to a whole new level.  All of the organic ingredients in this scrub help to invigorate the senses, exfoliate the skin, and clean away impurities. Without proper cleansing products cannot be absorbed properly, so don't skip this very important step! This light facial scrub contains green tea to protect skin from effects of UV damage, rosemary to help clear cellular toxins, white willow for brightening skin tone, and black willow to exfoliate.

The second half of this dynamic duo is Nourish. Our signature three ingredient super oil keeps things simple; replenishing hydration and elasticity to promote firm, glowing skin. Ultra hydrating, nutrient dense, silky smooth, and easily absorbed without feeling greasy. Our signature facial oil does it all! 


Products Included: Detox + Nourish