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Protect your skin as you heal after exposure to sun and surf. This bundle brings together the two most active, healing products in our lineup to provide the ultimate restoration to your skin. 

Soothe and brighten the delicate under eye area after exposure to rays with Correct, the eye gel for every occasion. It’s lightweight, soothing, gentle, and ultra hydrating! It’s made with peptides to firm skin and fade wrinkles, gotu kola to promote repair of damaged cells and improve the skin’s protective barrier, açaí to combat reduction in collagen, and rosehip seed to keep skin soft and supple. 

Next, enter Renew, our super serum which does it all: evens skin tone, encourages your natural radiance, and works to reduce age spots and wrinkles. It gets this accomplished through our potent combination of organic ingredients.

Ashwagandha rejuvenates cells damaged by external stress, repairing and restructuring skin barrier function, red clover helps to reduce redness and support your body’s ability to retain hydration, sea buckthorn supports regeneration, promotes elasticity, and protects against dryness. Lastly, frankincense stimulates growth of new cells and promotes healing. 

Products Included: Correct, Renew