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3 Bottles of Lymphagem Body Oil

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Cleansing. Nourishing. Toning.

Healthy glowing skin stars with healthy lymph flow. 

  • Lympha-Gem is the only product on the market designed to soften and smooth your skin while helping to open up congested lymph fluid.
  • Just like our famous Lympha-Gem roller, this potent herbal infusion is the perfect way to open up lymph drainage pathways to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote glowing, hydrated skin.
  • Doctor-formulated for optimal lymphatic flow and handmade in small batches by a certified herbalist, this potent blend of lymph-stimulating herbs is your go-to solution for full-body lymphatic flow that makes your skin look luminous.
  • Beyond topical skincare, this proprietary blend opens detox pathways and moves lymphatic fluid for full-body health and radiant, glowing skin from head to toe
  • 4 oz


Red root: Made from the root of the Ceanothus americanus plant, red root clears dead cellular tissue from lymph fluid.

Calendula: Calendula helps nourish and smooth skin while moving lymphatic fluid and reducing inflammation.

Nettles: A stimulating herb, nettles help to tighten the lymph and prevent stagnation.

Cleavers: A gentle herb that aids in moving and draining cellular waste.

Red clover: Boosts lymph flow and helps to move and eliminate toxins.

Green tea: Green tea extract nourishes and tightens the skin, all while reducing inflammation.

A blend of almond, jojoba, olive, sesame, and castor oil for moisture and healthy circulation

An essential oil blend of frankincense, geranium, and helichrysum to decrease swelling and congestion and reduce fine lines


Take your daily self-care ritual to the next level with this 5-minute routine: 

  1. Begin by opening up the main drainage points on your body by applying a small amount of Lymphagem Body Oil on your clavicle, underarm area, inguinal area (on and around the hip joint), and any internal or external scar tissue.
  2. Using your hands or a body gua sha, start massaging these spots in circular and sweeping motions 3-4 times in each spot.

3 Bottles of Lymphagem Body Oil
3 Bottles of Lymphagem Body Oil Sale price$177.00 Regular price$237.00

Customer Reviews

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Anne Johnson
Lovely oil

I ordered 3 bottles and gave one to my cranial sacral practitioner. I am using one now and it is lovely to use with the Gua sha and softens my skin, is not greasy at all. I will order more when needed.