Toning is something you do after you cleanse, right?

Not exactly. Balance, our signature toner, is a multi-purpose product that's integral with all steps of our skincare regime. Who doesn’t love a product that is multi-purpose?

Here are 5 ways to use Balance. Let’s break it down:

  • Pre-Cleanse

The first thing we do upon rising EVERY MORNING is spritz Balance directly onto our face, or on a cotton round, to awaken our senses and refresh our skin.

  • Post-Cleanse

After cleansing skin we ALWAYS, ALWAYS tone, either by spritzing and circulating with our fingers or applying with a cotton round. Toning balances the skin’s PH and preps for product application.

  • Enhance

Need a little extra? Spritz toner on top of serum and circulate with fingers to really work the product into the skin for extra absorption.

  • Refresh

Feeling dull? Spritz toner on in the afternoon (or whenever!) to hydrate and refresh your skin!

  • Seal

After applying your last step in the evening before bed, spritz toner on top of product and work into the skin for the ultimate hydrating boost.

Still not convinced?

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