Supporting Your Skin: Detox & Luxury

As a naturopathic doctor, I create and offer products that embrace only the best sourcing and highest vibration, with the most effective, bioavailable ingredients.

In my new skincare line, we were on a quest for unparalleled potency, the highest purity, and the most biologically nutritious and effective ingredients - because it’s not just about beauty, your skin is also a gateway to health ... or toxicity.

This was a huge undertaking, and after years of hard work, I am thrilled to announce that we have created our own skincare line, Lumvi Enlightened Skincare!

Our skin readily absorbs substances, and everything that enters your body impacts your health - either positively or negatively. With Lumvi you have no fear of harsh chemicals or toxins.

No matter how careful we are, as we age, our skin becomes ravaged by sun damage, toxin exposure, and often, imperfect nutrition.

Little by little the photographs on the wall tell a tale that is easier to see in hindsight. Spots appear where once there were none. You remember that youthful glow. And at some point, wrinkles start to show our age.

I have worked hard to create a powerful solution to help you fight back in the most beautiful way.

Lumvi Enlightened Skincare is a new, eco luxe, organic, plant-based product line to support your HEALTH - and skin!

Even more than the truly wonderful ingredients, we have used plants harvested with only the highest vibration, to provide you with skincare that supports your health journey.

  • Your skin is actually the largest organ on your body.